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    (Open) How SD-WAN Can Save You Money

    How Software Defined Wan (Sd-wan) Can Help Your Business

    SD-WAN takes out much of the hardware, offering connectivity and services through the cloud. It delivers unified communications and data applications through integration of multiple connection types, like broadband internet, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), and Long-Term Evolution (LTE). SD- WAN also integrates the entire WAN into a single interface, which makes handling issues in the network easier.

    Overall, the goal of SD-WAN is simplification and the creation of a real-time data network without as much physical networking. The end idea is that, after deployment of SD-WAN devices, setting up the technology would be as easy as setting up Wi-Fi.

    How SD-WAN Can Save You Money:

    By transitioning to SD-WAN, enterprises can reduce dependency on expensive MPLS connectivity. SD-WAN involves the creation of a virtual WAN overlay, which means customers don't have to overhaul existing WAN investments. Rather, they can obtain quality WAN access by any available data service (LTE, broadband or MPLS).

    How does this equal savings? Instead of having to pay the high dollars of legacy MPLS services, customers can replace or supplement bandwidth with inexpensive, widely available broadband connections.

    In the end, with Field Engineer, you get the skilled labor you need at a reasonable cost, while the workers get the freedom, flexibility and pay they deserve. That's win-win for everyone.

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